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Download EZ Flash

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ez flash

NEW FEATURE in OBD2 DTCs & Readiness Monitors Controls. More information here: http://www.wot-tuning.com/dtc

This page will walk you through the EZ Flash software installation instructions. If you need any assistance with these steps, feel free to contact us.

NOTE: The RED cable requires a laptop running either Windows Vista, 7, or 8 (excluding Windows 8 RT). XP is not supported. Only the Tactrix and "Black Box" cables support Windows XP.

NOTE: Do not plug in the EZ Flash cable until you've performed the following steps.

Step 1 – Install the .NET Framework version 3.5. You may download this component from Microsoft by clicking **here**.

** - You may receive a "Setup Error" when performing this first step if the framework is already installed. If you receive a "Setup Error" you may proceed to the next step. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may skip this step.

Step 2 - Install the appropriate drivers for your EZ Flash cable:

If your cable looks like a "black box", click here to download and install the drivers.

If your cable is RED, and is one piece, click here to download and install the drivers.

If your cable says Tactrix on it, and is in a translucent plastic case, click here to download and install the drivers.

Step 3 – Save EZFLASH.EXE in a safe location on your computer. (click the 'Download' button on this page to download EZFlash.exe)

Step 4 – To use EZFLASH, simply double click on EZFLASH.EXE to start the application.

NOTE: Windows 8 will require you to run EZFlash.exe as administrator.

NOTE: Some versions of Norton Internet Security will flag EZFlash.exe as a WS.Reputation.1 detection. This is a false positive and can safely be ignored and added to your Norton whitelist as long as you download it from WOT-Tuning.com.

NOTE: For vehicles with PUSH BUTTON START - If your vehicle has the push-button START feature, you will need to put the car in “Service Only Mode” per the owner’s manual instruction to program it. If you attempt to program the vehicle in accessory mode, it may shut itself off in the middle of the programming session. To activate “Service Only Mode”, simply press and hold the START button for five seconds with your foot off the brake pedal.

What's New in Version (See full changelog)

  • v1.10.32.0 - This version of EZ Flash is considered a CRITICAL update. If you are running an older version of EZ Flash it is RECOMMENDED that you update to this version immediately.
  • v1.10.18.0 - - NOTE: If you downloaded EZ Flash or, please upgrade immediately to or you may experience problems programming the vehicle.
  • v1.6.10.0 - Some people have reported issues with changing DTC/Monitor settings. This update will address that problem.
  • v1.6.5.0 - Some people have reported connectivity problems with the RED cable after upgrading to v. This update should resolve any connectivity issues.
  • v1.6.3.0 - If you use import / export DTC/Readiness settings, make sure you grab this update, as there was a problem with exporting settings in previous versions.
  • v1.6.0.0 - New Feature! OBD2 DTCs & Readiness Monitors Controls
  • v1.5.9.0 - If you have seemingly intermittent problems or error messages starting the datalogging, please pick up this update.
  • v1.5.47.0 - If you have a 2011+ 1.8L vehicle, please MAKE SURE you get this update.
  • v1.5.3.0 - More logging updates - if you have v1.5.2.0 or lower, please pick up this update.
  • v1.5.0.0 - This is a major update which overhauls the data logging file (.TDL) format. It is a required update if you want to submit datalogs from this point forward.